The Best Months to Visit National Parks


Acadia National Park


June – August: Mild Temperatures, fresh ocean air.

October: Blazing fall colors

Glacier National Park


June – July: Scenic Drives (Only open in summer) and hikes.

September – October: Fewer Crowds; aspen, larch, and cottonwood trees turning yellow.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

North Carolina and Tennessee

April – May: Lavish wildflowers, blooming redbud and dogwood trees

September – October: Brilliant fall colors that change with elevation.

Grand Canyon National Park


April – May: Not as hot.

October – November: Less crowded hiking trails.

Joshua Tree National Park


March – May: Cooler weather, cactus blooms, scenic wildflowers.

October – November: Cooler Weather

Rocky Mountains National Park


September – October: Elk bugling season; eagle, hawk, and falcon spotting.

Yellowstone National Park

Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

May – June: Wildlife Watching (bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, elk.), wildflower season.

October:  Cooler weather, fall colors, migrating wildlife.

Yosemite National Park


May – June: Yosemite Falls at its peak, migrating birds.

Zion National Park


October – November: Less crowded, bighorn sheep, fall colors (orange aspens, cottonwoods)