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Royal Caribbean's New Ship Icon Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean’s latest marvel – the Icon of Seas is a game changer in terms of cruise ship innovation and luxury. This new addition to their fleet combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled amenities that offer guests an array of extraordinary experiences like never before seen on any other vessel at sea. From expansive state of art staterooms to numerous dining options, this ship promises adventure-filled voyages where you can relax or indulge as much as you desire! Whether traveling solo or with loved ones Royal Caribbean’s Icon Of The Seas caters to all ages and interests ensuring everyone has something exciting awaiting them aboard this magnificent ship. 

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What is included with your Cruise on the Icon Of the Seas

Accommodation: The selection of a stateroom or suite is an essential aspect when choosing a cruise vacation. The range includes economical interior rooms to luxurious suites with balconies and breathtaking ocean views. It’s up to you which one fits your needs best!

Dining Options: When it comes to dining onboard your cruise ship there’s no shortage of options. The main dining room offers complimentary meals while other eateries provide a range of cuisine types and casual settings. For those looking for something more specialized, there are additional restaurants available at an extra cost. With so many choices it’s easy to find the perfect fit!

Entertainment and Activities:  The ship offers a range of entertainment options for guests to enjoy such as live shows, musical performances, and movies. Additionally, access is granted to sports facilities like pools and water slides. With so much on offer there’s no shortage of ways to keep busy during your voyage!

Age-Appropriate Programs: The inclusion of age-specific programs for children and teens staffed by experienced crew members ensures that they have access to engaging activities while on board the ship.

Fitness Cente: Staying active on a cruise ship is easy with access to the ship’s fitness center. Take advantage of this perk by utilizing their gym and other facilities during your journey at sea.

Basic Beverages: This encompasses the provision of tap water, tea, or coffee along with iced tea and lemonade in some cases. Alcoholic drinks as well as soft beverages are not usually included but can be purchased separately through a beverage package if desired by guests.

Port Stops: Exploring new destinations is one of the most exciting aspects of cruising. However when docking at ports along your journey its important to consider whether or not you’ll be able disembark and explore on foot without incurring additional costs through organized shore excursions.

When planning a cruise aboard the Icon of Seas with Royal Caribbean it’s important to note that certain expenses are not included in your base fare. These may include gratuities, internet access fees, travel insurance premiums specialty dining experiences spa treatments alcoholic beverages (including some high-end non-alcoholic drinks), and organized shore excursions. Be sure to check with either Royal Caribbean or your trusted travel agent for more detailed information on what is covered by your specific package deal before booking anything else! The last thing you want is any unexpected surprises when it comes time to pay up at checkout.

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